New Site, New Projects

Happy Summer Everyone!

Finally created a new site! WordPress comes to the rescue and allows me to have a site that’s easy to maintain and update. WP also has a lot of robust features for multimedia and social networking. I recommend it highly to those of you on the go.

It’s been a busy year after taking a short break from writing and shooting. The PROJECTS page has a few short films you can watch. TIME TRIPPERS was shot earlier this year. The award-winning MONSTROUS NATURE will be featured at Howl Con in early October 2012.

In exciting feature news, TALES FROM THE DEAD is being remade in Thailand. Should be very exciting to see it translated to their culture. The production company, Angel & Bear is bringing in four different directors to give their take on each of the four stories which will give it a unique vision. Shooting will begin this fall. Very excited about this and will report from the set soon.

I’ve been continuing to write, now with a brilliant writing partner, Wyatt Doyle of NEW TEXTURE fame. On top of writing some new material, we’re going through my archived scripts to give them a polish. With any luck, those stories will be making their way to the theaters soon.

Development has begun on I’M HERE FOR YOU, a thriller we’re aiming to shoot late this year. No exciting casting news as of yet but updates are coming soon.

You know how it is, lots of things on the plate but you tackle them one bite at a time. I’ll try to keep the updates coming while we dig our heels in for the second half of 2012…wow, already? I sure hope the Mayan calendar is wrong because there’s much to do!

Enjoy the rest of your summer, all!